Donate for the Benefit of Children in Kenya

How Can You Help? See Below


Join Our Team

Become prayer partners and help us pray for the world. Spread the word about how we are helping children through education. Devote some of your time and resources to helping us help orhphans and vulnerable children in Kenya through education.


Become a Volunteer

Just Do It! Lend a helping hand and keep hope alive for children and all people in the world. Be a blessing and give of your time and asssiatance to children in Kenya when able. We can make a greater impact with your help. 


Send a Donation

A gift of any size goes a long way in helping a child enter school and remain in school. Thank you for any way you can freely give to empower children. Bridges of Hope and Empowerment (BOHEI). 180 Shady Brook Walk,
Fayetteville, GA 30214