Donate for the Benefit of Children in Kenya

You Make A Difference in Helping Children Get and Stay in School. Any amount given makes a huge impact.

How Can You Help? See Below

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Join Our Team

Become prayer partners and help us pray for the world. Spread the word about how we are helping children through education. There may be a specific donation that you would like to give. Let us know how you would like to specifically contribute to change the life of a child. Let us know. Here are a few examples:

Suggested Items Needed

  • Purchase a full uniform for $50.
  • Purchase school supply kits for $25.
  • Cover school exam fees for $50.
  • Provide food for an average family of five for one month for $100.
  • Provide food for a classroom to cover one meal a day for one term or three months at $200.
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Become a Volunteer

We can do so much more together! Lend a helping hand and keep hope alive for children through education and mentorship. Be a blessing and give of your time and wisdom when able. We can make a greater impact with your help. 

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Send a Donation

A gift of any size goes a long way in helping a child enter school and remain in school. Thank you for any way you can freely give to empower children, their families and communities.